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Sunday, 05 February 2006



it's not like I dont try and cook french food often, but I will certainly be making a special effort for this one. The list of french things I want to try an make is longer than my arm.


I sent you a little present via e-mail.

: D


perhaps I should crank up my brain all the restaurants i have visited in CAnnes, Nice, Monaco,Mougins and Biot...feb 26th.. ah we still have time

and i would not mind a glass of rose svp....


Ooh, what fun! I'm going to be stuck into my Larousse for the next couple of weeks, I can see! Is this finally my excuse to buy a duck press at Dehillerin? Only time will tell...


okay, i'm all over this one, mon amie! but no turned vegetables, that much I can promise you!


Bravo pour ces recettes françaises
a presto


What a fun theme! I am vegetarian but I am sure I'll come up with something!


I just found your website and the announcement for IMBB23 via Google - after vainly searching for the next IMBB event on the IMBB website, Foodblogscool and Sticky Date. Or have I overlooked it there?

Dr. Biggles

Hmmm, my copy of La Bonne Cuisine recently arrived. I wonder if that might have a little golden nugget in there, somewhere.



I look forward to joining in! What a way to share my favorite French meals!

C'est Magnifique!



Vive la France! Here's my contribution: Quiche Lorraine:


I'm in and tagged here Although I'm a Brit living in Oz and love that Asian thing I always hark back to my roots eating French. Excellent.


My offering:

(It seems that your comments don't accept HTML?)

I had great fun with this, so thank you for the opportunity to do a little cooking outside my normal realm. To be truthful, I can't wait to try some of the other recipes, like oyster soup with herbs, and coq au vin.



Darn it! Late as usual.
Must be the time difference.;)
If acceptable here's the link to my 'Quiche a la Poona'.


thanks for telling about this book. i will read this book because may be i am going to france on my vaccation. so we now where we stay, what type of foods they are, and offcourse wine france wine is popular in the world.

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