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Monday, 27 December 2004


John Barnhill

Wow! You've sure got 'em' girl. As you continue your way through this focus of yours (cooking), your attitude and some good tasting food should get you where you want to go (that's my reaction to it). I like your sense of confidence in the expression of your opinion. Particularly speaking about the worst cook book from the big breasted so and so. If you can keep up the cooking press while making a living, I think you have more than half a chance.


- JB

PS. Have you thought about sending a petit announce to the previous chefs, schools, and distinguished cooking colleagues of the past few years re the CT-Blog (drawing there attention to the summary of the mutual experience/time together)?

Auntie M

I have some of your cookbooks. I tend not to buy them anymore with the internet making recipes so available. I have most of Patricia Wells, which I regret buying. I see Baking with Julia... I love Dorie Greenspan. I've met her a couple of times and think she and her cooking are wonderful.

Alex Costa Claes

Greetings from Brussels!
This is a wonderful site! Congratulations! I just stumbled on it by pure chance, while looking for recipes with caramelized pineapple (just bought a huge pineapple!) and voilà! There you were!
Will come come back!
Thank you for sharing those tasty-looking recipes!

Miss Mimi

Bless you for explaining to otherw the how and why of buying cookbooks (and shoes). I, too, feel as if I am bringing a friend into my home with the purchase of a cook's book. Not all are created equal-one has to know their own style of cooking to connect with the published cook. i am not the squab type, but do
love casual cooking and great food with good friends. All the best to you, with thanks, Miss Mimi

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