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Saturday, 25 December 2004


Rowe Hoffer

Thank you so much for including me on this wonderful journey update! Good grief...what a great adventure you are on! I commend and applaud your spirit and obviously talents you possess! Wish we were heading to Europe in 2006 for our yearly jaunt to Stockholm plus another European destination on our way back. I would have loved to time it and celebrate with you under the Tour Eiffel in August 2006. Unfortunately, 2006 brings us to Sweden in December instead, for "God Jul" celebrations with Miche's family, and the islands of the Philippines for my 25th high school reunion. I do look forward to another visit to Paris, sooner than later. And perhaps you will still be there, making wonderful culinary music, and we will get a chance to meet in person. For now, we wish you a great and even more fulfilling 2005! Stay healthy inside and out!

Gros bisous,
Rowe of MichRoFit

Jamie Baby

God love you Laura...taking life by the balls. This is from your beaux amis (sp) in the Napa Valley James and Mikkel! We loved your visit this year and loved your stories about Paris, et al. You are almost famous, babycaks and a few more din dins with the stars and you will rocket to the top. We, of course, have always know that you will supercede all expectations. Look for us soon near a Euro city near you! By the way, just in Brussels and I have to say, the food there is the best I have ever had in Euroland. Amazing portions and style. You must check this gourmand heaven out.

Cheers from the vines along the 121 in Napa.


:)YOU ARE AWESOME Laura, again I am impressed with, envious and PROUD of you! THANX AGAIN FOR SHARING & VERY BEST WISHES FOR 2005..& many many more wonderful years of health and happiness. CHEERS!

Sandy Sallin

I'm absolutely captivated by your wrtings. It's 12:25AM on the West Coast. My husbands asleep next to me and I can't stop reading your Blogg! Riviting adventures! Love your opinions.

Keep it up!



Great post......thank you for posting this, and in such great detail. I know you answered a lot of questions that many people are uncomfortable asking!

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