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Friday, 07 January 2005


Michael Chiarello

Testa Rossa

Great to hear your doing so well. If you recall my Betty comment was that nothing really gets carmelized at 350F....just soft. If carmelization equals flavor then I say forget the baking temp if your a cook and go slow or fast.

Keep Cooking

M. Chiarello


Nothing about caramélization... just a quicky to tell you how happy I am to read you, and how much you are amusing me with your C&E catholic education! Et j'adore la galette des rois... mais quand même, Tiffany is not bad either!


Welcome home!
do they sell the Fava beans?

looks like a pitivier cake...
here in Italy.. it is a time for Candy..

looking forward to recieving your book!

T.W. Barritt

It seems that there are as many Galette des Rois as there are pastry chefs! I just made a 12th Night Cake that has some similar characteristics, but is very different, and probably comes from the British tradition. It was so interesting to read your piece and learn about the French traditions for Epiphany.


Hay thanks for the cool recipe it will help me out a lot with my school social studies project!!!

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