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Thursday, 13 January 2005



How do you make the leek broth and how much you suppose to drink?

Samantha Alflatt


I am French and I am overweight! And my French girfriends are not all model sizes. In France we even have obese adults and children.

Please, don't believe everything this Madame Guiliano tells you. The book isn't even published in France! Why do you think so? Because it's nonsense and she knows it.
I am very very angry at her and her book as it is because of people like her that girls in my country starve themselves to stay thin. It is a stereotype that all French women are thin. But how would you know if you live in the US, unless you have a look for yourself?
There are anorexics, bulimics, overweight, obese people in France as well! And in Belgium ans Switzerland too!

If you really want to lose weight, take a liver test first and detoxify it because a congested and toxic liver will make you pile on the pounds and stop you from taking it off. Trust me, I've done my research.

Hope it helps! :-)


lisa reyff

hey laura,
i am headed back to my brother's house for thanksgiving and after doing a little catch-up research of the bay area, i stumbled on a kepler's op-ed and 'voila' as you say, there you were.

i will toast my next glass of cab to you!

happy t-day!

celebrity videos

Their genetics dont let them fat.

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