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Wednesday, 19 January 2005



Oh this entry brought back such good memories. I haven't had Vichyssoise soup in about 15 years but I definitely remember the last time I had it -accompanied by delicious fresh bagels!


I'm guessing that the leek broth, recomended in the "Book" doesn't include butter? After reading your rants on this book, and many other mentions throughout the internet world, ya know, I kinda want to read it. I could use to loose a few kg's. Does this mean you won't be calling me for coffee? Hope not.

cucina testa rossa

Water and leeks, baby, water and leeks.... now sautéing them in butter first might actually make it a bit more palatable... but then Miss Veuve Cliquot couldn't use it as her Stewardess Diet of the decade... Absolutely coffee but you can't add milk, only heavy cream! ;-)

And I would kill for a good bagel here! Complete with lox, sliced onion and schmear! Yum! It's the little things in life...


Thanks for a good laugh.I was running errands today and intended to get leeks( I'm reading the book) but decided it could wait . And wait .

Cara Black

I heard the author speak last night at a jam-packed event here in San Francisco at Hotel Rex. Of the 100 attendees, there were three men. She spoke about her little book's message, as she called it, and said it was a way of changing eating habits and lifestyle; more walking, drinking water and moderation. Her message certainly spoke to most everyone there, or, at least that's the buzz I caught from conversations in the lobby on the way out. I haven't read the book but might take it on my next visit to Paris at the end of the month to see what my Parisian friends
think of it...And at least she confesses to loving chocolate!


I'm late to the party, but I thought I'd add a note. The book is only a diet in the sense that it calls one to pay more attention to what's going into her mouth. And the leek soup is no secret, it's a suggestion for a first weekend cleansing to jump start the change. That's it. One weekend. The rest of the time you eat fresh, wonderful food, savoring every bite. The trick isn't the leeks... it's the absence of white flour, corn syrup, drive throughs, huge portions, and habitual consumption.


I just started reading this book and I am loving it. I've always been a proponent of eating, but more importantly, eating fresh, flavorful and real food - not processed or fake. I think everyone should read this book before making the assumption that Mme Guiliano is promoting starvation and boring foods - on the contrary, she gives great recipes and encourages fresh, flavorful ingredients and enjoyment of quality food. It is clear that many Americans have lost this kind of appreciation. The leek soup is just for a the first weekend to cleanse your system, and you get to eat dinner on the second evening!


As a male reader of Guiliano's book 'French Women don't get Fat' and starting the second day of the Leek broth weekend I need to post. Guilliano calls the broth Magical and so far, to me, it is - as I simply do not feel hungry.

Overall her book contains alot of common sense. It's all about moderation and here is why it works. Counting calories is NOT in her book but let's face it... it's Simple math. 120 extra Cals per day = 3600 extra Cals per month = 1 pound. Where are you in 1 year? 12 pounds overweight. Where are you in 10 years?

I tend to eat healthy anyway, but because of her book I'm really enjoying coffee without cream and sugar, I'm eating slower, and I tend to skip those second helpings. My advise - don't knock it until you try it.

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