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Friday, 21 January 2005



Hi Laura - this sounds delicious! I made a soup too (still need to write it up, though - definitely not the fun part!). I love bean soups and of course all things Italian - I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks for participating in IMBB 11!


Laura - this recipe sounds absolutely amazing! I have had it before in restaurants and am really looking forward to "borrowing" the recipe from you in the near future!

Thanks for sharing!


Yes!!!! Someone else who grew up calling this pasta fazool!!!

(Of course, we also make it without meat, for use during lent - *shrug*)


By leaving out the onion, anchovy, and chicken broth, I made a vegetarian version of my nini's pasta fasool. My mother insists that it tastes like her mother's. She tells me that the family ate it often on Fridays, in the days when Italian Catholics observed meatless Fridays.

David Sells

Thank you for the "Pasta e fagolio" recipe, I love that stuff. BUTT!..I am looking for a recipe for "Brazoel"?? (Bra-jow-ll-e)?? I don't know, I think it is a meat with a red sauce?? I would love some help, if anyboby knows anything about it.
thank you very much, David
[email protected]

donald iannone

my gram used to make bra-joul that were a long meatball, sort of with wine and parsley?

patti blasini

I loved your recipe; reminded me of Fridays also when I was 17 and had dinner with my boyfriend's family. I am originally from NJ and in the predominantly Italian area where I grew up, we too called it Pasta Fazool. Thanks, this recipe is a saver!!!
I know of a dish called Braciole or Bra-ZHOLL. It is similar to Rouladen; its German counterpart. It is basically a pounded veal cutlet rolled around something (in the German version, it was a carrot) fried and then covered with a good basic tomato gravy (like Bolognese sauce). As with all things, have the proper spelling helps!! It took me a long time to translate Fazool to Fagioli! Hope this helps! And thanks again for this wonderful recipe!

William Dowling

Recipe for Bracciole:

Thin steaks, pounded and trimmed to an oblong shape. Sprinkle onto the steak some chopped parsley, parmiggiano, crushed garlic and breadcrumbs. Now roll the steak up and tie it with string. Fry the bracciole in hot olive oil until browned.
I usually then add the bracciole, together with meatballs and pork steaks, to my tomato sauce and cook for about 2-3 hours.

Roberta Henning

I was looking for the recipes on the Julia Child show shown on PBS Ch. 24 Morgantown on February 22, '07. It was sour dough bread. Also told how to make the starter for the bread. Don't know how to find the recipes for that day.

Carmel Conlin

I have made your recipe several times now. It is wonderful and really hits the spot on a cold winter's night. I do however, beef up the anchovies, onions, red pepper flakes and double the broth because if you refridgerate the soup overnight, the broth often gets absorbed by the pasta. Thank you so much for this. I've impressed many an Italian friend with this delicious soup.

Frank Fedeli

Got leftover red sauce? Add 1/2 to 1 cup to the fazool. That is what my grandmother taught me.

Dino Carlucci

I have sang along to Dean Martin's thats amore for countless years and could never figure out what was pasta fazool, being Italian English I assumed it was a Italian American expression so I googled for the lyrics of Thats amore and saw pasta fazool in them so I then googled in pasta fazool and here we are with pasta fagioli aka pasta fazool at long last I now know....Thank you....Dino Carlucci....England

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