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Thursday, 17 February 2005



Wait. What is this? And it was here? Why? I need a back story!


I second that, Abby! Laura, you are such a tease :-)

cucina testa rossa

A tease? moi? ;-) 1000 recipes was started by Santos in the Philippines. here's her link with all the scoopage: Just shoot her a note at [email protected] and get on a book list! I have book #2 so maybe this little treasure can make it's way Down Under and back over to Memphis for one last swing by the King!


What a really cool journal idea. Kick ass, Laura, as you always do. ;)


What a great idea! I'm sure your submission will be the bestest because you know a thing or two about food, that's for sure! :)


Just saying hi, you will be sending Book 2 to me, looking forward to reading your, and the other, contributions.


I am so excited as I get book 18 (1000 recipes) once it has made its way through all the the other countries. It is a truly inspiring idea Santos thought up. :D

This is an amazing website; there is so much info here. Love it!

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