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Thursday, 10 February 2005



I'm up to the challenge! I'm working on it. I have a strong start already. Give me a little time. You might wake up to it on Sunday, Paris time.

cucina testa rossa

yeah! i'm sure your selection will be much cooler and hipper than mine! something for me to look forward to tomorrow morning :-) bon nuit...


Hi Laura - I think this qualifies as fascinating! And how great that you love the three tenors concert as well! I think I played that video tape every day for a month - I was afraid I was going to wear it out. I haven't played it or listened to the CD in quite some time - seems like tomorrow would be a good time to pull it out again!


Fun fun blog meme! You've got some great songs in your list there!! =) Unfortunately, I've already been tagged and participated here:

Keep on rocking!! G

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