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Sunday, 13 February 2005



What a fantastic entry! You should be a literary critic :)


I am on my way to L.A. I have two questions for you: 1. does this book mention cigarette smoking as the number one appetite suppressant of French women?, and 2. How many copies of this book would you like for me to bring to you?
happy valentine's day!


Bravo! That was a tour de force. I so agree with you on this. And I want to know why, when I walk everywhere, and take the stairs, and shop like a French person, I haven't lost any weight in the year and a half I've been living here? Perhaps it's because of my obsession with marron glaces...


hear, hear! well put. thanks for the insight -- I've been thinking along the same lines. Is it me, or do "they" come out w/a book about the French secret to eating pain au chocolat and staying slim at least once every couple of years? I say "ppfff," too! Hmm. Moderation. What an idea! :)


Great critique. Thanks for pointing out some of the complexities that Mme. Guiliano conveniently left out of her book.


That was better than the NYT reviews. Well done!
For a single 24-year old living in a small East Coast city (which I am), this book makes perfect sense, because I CAN walk to work and the market (and I do), and I have no children to care for or house to maintain.
For every other American not living this lifestyle, this book's suggestions are not only impractical, they're downright impossible. Ask a young mother to walk her kids to Walmart, and see how fast you get called crazy.
If for no other reason, though, I will buy this book out of respect for Mme. Guiliano. She found a way to sell what doctors and nutritionists have been telling us since the beginning of time, and she's making another fortune for herself in doing it. If I happen to lose a few pounds while padding her wallet, I'll call myself happily scammed.


good review, yours that is. yep - veuve clic definately has a great marketing team. when i read the book, i could not believe how many times she encouraged the consumption of champagne, preferably theirs. not to mention subtly speaking disparagingly of the US and so chicly of la belle France....she (or their marketing team)are geniuses!! wonder how long this will be on the best seller list...


Hi Laura! sound pretty worked up about this book (or about how its been received in the US)! I'm not really familiar with it (I saw one other blog that mentioned it, but that's all), but really enjoyed your post - what you say makes alot of sense. I think books like this appeal to our sense of fantasy as much as anything (sort of like Martha Stewart) - its more about reading (or just thinking about reading) the book then actually doing something to change your life.


bulls-eye! if we Americans weren't the Americans that we are, great inventions would have ceased to exist... such as? the dishwasher, the microwave oven, the gas range, the washer-dryer... i could go on. if not for our quest to do things more simply and in great speeds, we'd still be doing everything by hand. and that, of course, would mean we'd be thinner. and we'd probably stay in the dark ages, too.


I have not yet finished this book and don't think I will. It is clearly a plug for Veuve Cliquot as drinking champagne is suggested on almost every other page. Also, Ms G doesn't mention that zillions of French women smoke, well into old age, which may contribute to their desire to eat only when necessary. Finally, does Ms G ever ask the question why McDo is popping up everywhere in France, and thriving? It's because the French like it. That is the one thing that stuck out to me when I spent a year studying in France in the early nineties, not only are the French eagar to poo-poo American culture, they are also eagar to consume it.


What I want to know is if the French women are so thin, chic and perfect, then why do their husbands STILL cheat on them? hmmmm......


hey!!! i am a fat french chick and tell that author of yours that her book is not funny! @ argh!

Naima bridges

Hey there dear!
I absolutely love the updates on this site. I miss Paris a lot and wanted to come for spring break but totally need to save up money to do that again! Maybe i will visit after graduation in JUNE!!!! Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that i miss you and miss the times that i had while living in France (darn, i miss the food too...tarte au poivre, pomme, et pistache!).
Take care and God bless you abundantly (pastor Paul is on Sabbatical, did u know?),


I had just finished reading the book and decided to illegally go on the internet at work to do some research about it. I stumbled across your comments over lunch and was laughing so hard, I almost choked on my leek! (broth)

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