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Monday, 14 March 2005



Oh enjoy your time in Denmark Laura -and definitely don't work too hard there. Looking forward to some photos on your return!


Denmark? Please post some info on the Restaurants and sights. love to hear all it. Why are you there? Working? Fun? both?


It remember me all my student trip to denmark in the hometown of Andersen in Odense...

Skol and have a good carlsberg, Tuborg or elephant ;-)


Great pic!

Enjoy your time there and take lots of pics to share!! =)


What are you doing freezing in Denmark when the weather here is so gorgeous? You've got to get back here to the sun, while it lasts!

Zarah Maria

Hi Laura! If there's any info you need on Copenhagen, drop me a line - it's not like I know everything, but I do live here! And just so you won't be disappointed - she's a lot smaller than you think!;-)

Zarah Maria

And shsh, how unpolite am I! I hope you enjoy your stay and don't work your bum off! Can't wait to hear what you think of Copenhagen...


This has NOTHING to do with this entry, but, as you appear to have grown up with some of the Neapolitan dialect version of Italian (at least where food is concerned) that I did, I thought you might know.

There's a dish that my grandmother always made the night before Easter, that was essentially linguini with parmesan, olive oil and garlic. No basil, no pignoli - it's NOT any kind of pesto. We grew up calling it, phonetically, "Ahlya Allya" and it is, I think, a funky pronunciation of "Olio d'oliva" - olive oil. Have you heard of such a dish, and if so, do you happen to have a recipe?

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