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Tuesday, 26 April 2005



i'm going to get a list of places to eat should i ever head to paris anytime soon!


Such a coincidence! When I was linking here I thought "I'll ask her if she ever tasted cod (portuguese style)" and thus inviting you to see my cod's lunch photograph.
And then I read your menu from Le Pré Verre - there it was - cod! :-)
I absolutely have to taste this recipe. Since I'm not planning to go there soon, wouldn't you be so kind to "translate" your description into pots and pans measures????


That is so amazing that you were able to meet up with a blogging friend! What a treat!


Laura, I really can't keep up with your gallivanting around Europe!!! ;-)

And it is incredibly amazing that you have met up with a blogging friend! I would love to one day do that!


You know, I thought I was well versed in "exotic" ice cream flavors, having tried both avocado and ube at Mitchell's, but I have to confess...parsley ice cream is new and strange, even to me.

Lovely color. I can't imagine how it tastes.

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