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Friday, 22 April 2005



Cookbook stories are so excellent. Books for Cooks in London is not to be missed!


Been there a few years ago and also lost myself for hours. The lady inside is the only thing worth changing: no humour, not really a good help - I asked for journal-type cookbooks and she couldn't offer me a single one


'm glad you finally made it to the Librairie Gourmande! I am sure the woman understood you, the service there can be a bit cold for a place that specialises in such a wonderful topic. They must get loads and loads of browsers, penurious stagieres and beginner chefs...fingering the wares but not buying. But once you have been there a few times, bought a couple of things, shown them you're serious, they warm up. Plus they'll special order anything you want. It's the best cookbookshop I know.

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