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Friday, 23 September 2005


David Lebovitz

Next time some man gets that physically close, turn around and say, "Don't you think you ought to at least buy me a drink first?"

papilles et pupilles

Fun and so right. I 'm french but I hate when people stand so close to me. Arghh. Yesterday, at the bakery, a woman was very very close to me(despite my handbag / rusksack) and brrr, she began to tough. Awful !


oh, the quirkiness you get elsewhere... surprisingly i didn't quite mind that so much (maybe because every time i was in paris, i was on holiday and it's difficult to be irritated when you're having fun)...

then again, small kitchen is one thing i can never abide... parisian flat with kitchen effectively a sink and a small cooking stove next to the main door just did me in! i want space in my kitchen, space to put everything everywhere, space to move around while i cook, space to cool things down, space to leave dirty dishes... ah, bliss... :)


You are so right about "Personal Space". I call it "mon espace vital", one of the many things I truly enjoy here in the US. It's also a question of discipline; in the US, the customers wait patiently behind the line. Pas en France, et puis quoi encore?

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