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Sunday, 25 September 2005



OMFG. Can I come over for market day?!

Adam Scarff

This market is fantastic, i too have fallen in love with the place. My friend was studying in Paris and had a flat right on Place Monge. When she went to work i looked, smelled and tasted and am now about to make a trip back with my girlfriend so i can show her how good it really is. If you like food and Paris charm then this is a MUST! i would also like to give a big reccomendation to Le Jardin De Artemus Restaurant(not sure on spelling ) but its on Rue Mouffetard and is amazing at very good prices. I met the owner last time and he was very very welcoming and friendly. Speaks English, French, Greek, and some Italian and Spanish great guy and nice very French restaurant....Buy your groceries at the market and eat there in the evening couldnt be better.


Found your blog by chance. Renting an apartment next week on rue Monge on the other side of the Roman amphitheater. This market will be incredibly convenient for us. I'm sure it's still there even though this entry was from a couple of years ago. Thanks and cheers!

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