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Tuesday, 11 October 2005



Nice little boy. If only every single person in west europe, America were helping kids in Africa that'd be great. I'm sponsoring a kid name Henry, lives in Nigeria.

laura @ cucina testa rossa

hi cindy, thank you so much for your note! henry is a lucky to have you. indeed, it would be truly amazing if every person, or even half the people, (who could) gave $15/month, it would literally change the world. how exciting is that?! rob said he’d rather have 1000 people give $15/month then 15 people give $1000 a month. anyways, i love your site. your tarts aux fruits look scrumtious and the pizza looks so good i could eat the screen as i just got home and am starving. if you get up to paris, please let me know. bonne cuisiner! i know i am spelling that wrong but you know what i mean...laura


my sponsor-a-child plan is still well, sadly, in planning process... note to self: MUST do something before the new year!

laura @ cucina testa rossa

hey lil - it's a great new year's resolution!

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