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Wednesday, 26 October 2005



Wow, that looks like some tasty ice cream. I must try that some day soon.

I am VERY impressed by those eggs. As a backyard hen keeper (in your old stomping grounds of the Bay Area) I know what a joy hens are and what jewels fresh eggs are. I have been to Paris twice and have found pretty good eggs, but nothing like truly fresh? I am coming there for a visit in December and January and would love to know where to procure such lovely ouefs.

Thanks a mil,
Maureen in Oakland


i am going to put on my xmas gift list *grin* for one of these babies (ie ice cream makers) - perhaps a pressie from me to me?


Laura, that ice cream with prunes and armagnac sounds delectable. Those yolks look so fresh and perky, you can tell they came from happy hens. You are able to find such excellent products in Paris!


True, purneaux d'Agen are the best ! And they're not that expensive, not when Agen's not far away at least ;)
I've never tried a pruneau ice cream, too weird for me, I always stick to my mint chocolat scoop :)

laura @ cucina testa rossa

thanks maureen! don't they look gorgeous?! i bought them from my farmers market at place monge in the 5th arrond but any farmers market will have this little orbs of sunshine. let me know when you're here, i'd love to show you around my market.

hi lil - great idea! but why wait til xmas?! this little baby opened up a world of culinary possibilities to me. plus it's fun!

bonjour brett - happy hens indeed! i surprised myself with how good it was but then again with a few glugs of cognac, the most delicious prunes on the planet and those gorgeous oeufs, how could it not taste good :-) i wish i could bring some back with me but i think immigration might have some issues with transporting diary products...


Yum this looks so delicious. I'm impressed that you made your own ice cream! When I was in Paris last month I had Berthillon's version of this same ice cream and it was swoon-worthy. So rich I could scarcely finish my cone!

laura @ cucina testa rossa

OH! i didn't know berthillon made this?!?!?! i'll have to head over there and do a little taste test comparison!

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