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Friday, 18 November 2005



Gee, Thanks! I just chanced upon your blog and read this post, just as I'm about to make a reservation with SuperSuttle and soon be on a 13+ hour United flight to Asia. Oh, did I mention I'll be traveling with my elderly (read: constant complaining and whining) Mother? And Dang, we're on a daytime flight, which means I can't even Ambien my way through it. I sure pray to the Man Upstairs that I do not run out of battery on my noise-cancelling headset!!


I will be eternally grateful to the Air France coaches that were running when almost nothing else was in early June of 2003--most everything was striking (including, of course, the Metro) and there was a threat of a "greve generale," so we didn't even know if the air traffic controllers were going to be working. But the Air France coaches were up and about, bless them.

Sentez-vous mieux!


honey, i now have a full bottle of good old american nyquil at the ready! call me and i will bring you a nice big dose! feel better...


And you were lucky that the flight didn't get advanced, as it did for us with 100kg of lugage and 2 littel kids!!! Flying has become no fun thanks to Mr Bush!

You should have taken an helicopter service from dowtown to JFK, that would have solved your problems... I wish you could lay in your bed, bush a button and you wake up at destination. We should re-invent travelling.

Hope at least, you have a good time in Paris.


Poor you. What a journey ! Well, at least you got back to Paris in one piece. Hope you had a great time home.

laura @ cucina testa rossa

hi jt -- happy to help! :-) and *any* time is ok to take ambien as far as i'm concerned! ;-)

bonjour anne -- those air france buses are the best! :-)

cindy -- bring it on over! with my luck it's probably bird flu.... :-(

hi texmex -- oh that sounds awful :-( if we could just click our heels 3 times like dorothy...


oh dear... that is a journey d'enfer! i am now eternally grateful that even the ryanair flights i took never give me problem despite their supposedly shocking treatments to unfortunate travellers!


That sucks, but at least your back home! And you got to volunteer at the Beard dinner...that looks phenomenal!

Bill Howard

We too took SUPERSHUTTLE and it will be our first and last time. THEY ARE INCOMPETANT AND THE OPERATORS LIE JUST TO GET YOU OFF THE PHONE. When our driver pulled up to our hotel forty minutes late I asked him why he wasn't here on time and he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say " what do you want from me?? " then he drove all over Manhattan as though he didn't know where he was going. He also picked up a "friend" who kept everyone in the van waiting fifteen minutes and when she got in the van simply jumped in the front seat with a big smile and said "sorry I had to go to the ATM". The driver (a friend, no doubt) said nothing. The passangers were bull****. I cant say enough bad things about this poor excuse of a company. DON"T USE THEM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

laura @ cucina testa rossa

hi bill -- sounds like we had the same driver!

tina -- so true! the dinner was amazing and, like dorothy, it is always good to come home.

cheers lil -- i've never flown ryanair, just the name scares me. but glad you've always had good luck with them!

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