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Wednesday, 09 November 2005



Oooh, I can just about top that. Try spending a five hour layover in Dulles with a 7 month baby after spending 7 hours on a plane from Paris. You try to get on the next flight to Chicago and are told that there are seats empty...but since you are travelling with a 7 month baby you have been obliged to check your luggage through and so they can't let you on. The irony being, of course, that when you get to Chicago you find that your luggage arrived some FIVE hours earlier on the first flight out of Dulles.

Four hours of angry crying baby, with other passengers saying helpful things like, "You know, I think he might be tired..." YOU THINK???


Hey Cucina! Quick question for ya, I have a "my blogging girlfriends" listing in my left hand sidebar on my site, and I wanted to add you! :)

If that is ok, shoot me an email. All I need your 'okay' on is to use an image from your site to use as a link to your site. (See my sidebar for examples)

Let me know when you have a sec. :D

[email protected]


Really ? the bone marrow was still there after several hours ?! I can't believe that, I hope the person waiting for it isn't dying...


sounds awful... similar to the time when the baggage handler at CDG-Paris left my baggage while I flew to malaysia... i finally got my bag 4 days later and needless to say, the choccies and cookies in my bag were not looking pretty...


Okay, just had to share this story which makes even mine sound mild!

laura @ cucina testa rossa

Hi Meg -- You've got me beat on BOTH counts! screaming child or a bowl of cereal, no more complaining from me... for now ;-)

Alicat -- I would be honored!

Lil -- I'm surprised they didn't go into your bag and eat your chocolates!

Cindy -- ME TOO!!!!!

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