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Friday, 02 December 2005



Wow, now all my questions are answered. Last march when we were in town we stayed in the 20th, which is Hammam central. I was never brave enough to try it, but now I know what to expect and I still don't know if I am brave enough! I definitely think the second entry in time out sounds a little less rough on the old epidermis and senses.

Thanks for sharing!


This sounds atrocious, but so, so funny! I had long been interested in trying a Hammam, but now not without sheer ignorance or seriously good word of mouth!


Personally I love the Hammam in the Mosquee, although I don't think I'd repeat the gommage experience. But you might want to try the Sultane de Saba in the 16th (there might be other branches around town), which is more of a cross between a hammam and a day spa. And, of course, it's more expensive. A couple of friends and I had a day of beauty there as part of my "farewell to Paris," and it was unbelievable.


heh, we had a hamman experience in Turkey. There was no massage nor pummelling. Just a vigourous scrubbing on a warm marble dome by a hairy turkish man(yes, man - it was unisex). I lay back and thought of the Queen.

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