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Friday, 20 January 2006



Laura - I am so sorry. You are taking it very well - i would probably have slit my wrists by this point. Haivng said that we did by a hard drive and back up our main computer a few weeks ago, I thank fred - he is the geek.
how are you enjoying CA?


Amen. Everyone needs to get a Mac. I'm a techie and I refused to ever use an Apple until 2 years ago when I forked up and bought a Powerbook because I was intrigued by the Unix Operating System. Since then, I have converted 2 friends from PC to Mac and am working on 3 others. Steve Jobs is the Man!


My sympathies ... I'm experiencing internet connection problems and I'm ready to throw the computer out the window. I cannot even imagine how you feel! Hope things will be resolved soon!


:-( ,I'm realy sorry to read this ,
Did you try some 'saving hard-disk services'?
Hope everything will be fine soon !


Ouch ouch, sorry to hear all this :-( I know how painful it is to go through and accept all the losing files not to mention files, pictures etc. I just got a Mac laptop for my shop so I'm loving it even though it never happened to me that my PC computer broke down that way, knock on wood. Btw, Laura I put your link in my friends section, I hope you don't mind :-) You've been communicative to me and I think you're doing good things in your blog...esp. sharing to everyone in this world.


I hope you'll be posting again soon ...


With more than a little bias I can now say that a Mac is a great idea. But eegads! I would be hiding if that happened to me. When I was first understanding email I lost so many words I thought I would turn into a pile of mushy weepiness.
Not you though. You showed up at my house with your firy mane and went on with your task mastering ways!

Ms. Glaze

Come to the light...get a mac!!! Say goodbye to computer viruses and blog in style with a highspeed intel core duo in your beautifully designed user friendly laptop. Sorry that you lost everything, that really bites!!!
Amy (Ms. Glaze)


Of course get a Mac. Duh! Sorry but I've loved my mac's since 1985. But losing everything?????? So Sorry. That's not funny and I don't know what I'd do. Yes I do back up everyday to an external. In fact it's automated using Apple's .mac back up program.

So sorry, I just don't know what I'd do if I lost all of my data.

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