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Saturday, 28 January 2006


Jess (in Boston)

ouch! such stress! glad you had the good sense to self-medicate.

Here's my contact info, and if you're still planning on coming out this way, I'm out of town Feb 17-22 and Feb 26-March 4 -- I hope that if you'll be here, it'll be when I am, too! Good luck with the computer craziness and happy traveling . . .


Wow! What a story! To be continued I take it. Do you need my email address? Was it lost?

My goodness good luck for the rest of the year. Looking forward to your book.



You have definitely survived one of the 'craziest' most stressful moments in your life...and yes, like jess said thank god that you had some good senses to 'self-medicate.' I guess we live and learn..I heard that all the time. I didn't know how I'd react though going through those kinds of events, even though my life has not always been straight and without trials to my mental, pyschological and spiritual standards. I guess everyone has her/his shares of turbulances in life...Bravo! Welcome back to 'sanity' and please do enjoy the next new chapter in your life...:-) Cheers and good luck with your computer. I feel your pains...bisous.


omg!! (that was my sole reaction as i continued reading the post)

so glad that everything is back on track (somewhat) now, and that you are well.

sorry haven't been here for a while but i've been kept busy. very busy. i want my life back. i want to quit my graduate studies. and cook. and eat. and cook. but i figure that would have been bad idea...

there's certainly no harm in consultancy job, as long as you continue cooking too, and writing this blog! promise? :)

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