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Tuesday, 21 February 2006



i know it's horrible, but i used to go there not infrequently. i could get a big fat latte for the same price i was paying for a tiny little espresso at a cafe on the rue cambon. but yeah, i felt guilty the whole damn time. and nobody seems to understand the concept of walking out of the cafe with your drink yet, so you are still encouraged to sit and pass away the hours just like at a real cafe. god, the shame!!


They are EVERYWHERE now!!
From the-mom-of-a-teenager, is a nice place for 'the kids' to go and hang-out. The closest one to the 'burbs is in Le Defense...haven't seen one closer. It probably is just a matter of time!


Very funny. I do try to avoid them both and am quite successful at it, for the most part.


3.75e for an expresso? R'u mad?
They're some many good "café" what's the point of going to a starbeurk!
there are some many good "café" in paris.
Btw Coffee have to be italian: lavazza, illy, segafredo or even "florio"...not starbeurk branded...



Quelle horreure!

Believe me we've all had those moments of weakness! It's sad to say but I, until very recently, considered Starbucks to be one of the better purveyors of coffee. And then I went to San Francisco this past summer and discovered places like Cafe Graffeo ... live and learn!

shuna fish lydon

O I am so glad to see that the pastries at the Starbucks Paris look just as horrendous there as they do here.


there are 3, yes 3!!, brand new starbucks newly opened in dublin... so far, operation resistance is working well... i'm sure i'll survive without it...


there are 3, yes, 3!! brand new starbucks in dublin... so far, operation resistance has been working well... ;)


Well someone needs to educate the French in how to make an espresso. I just always thought it would be the Italians, if they ever stopped sitting around drinking them and went over to France for the weekend.

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