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Wednesday, 03 May 2006



My next door neighbor is an artist and is now working on her 2nd cow. I've taken a lot of pictures:


Too adorable! I wonder how I could go about securing myself a green cow with flowers painted on it. Hmmm???

I appreciate your nod to Dorie Greenspan. She's wonderful. I recently made Ali-Babas from her "Paris Sweets" book and they were fantastic!

So glad to see you back posting ...


The ones I saw at the Forum des Halles had been vandalized already. What a shame!


Chicago had a similar public art exhibition featuring cows in 1999. The cows were auctioned off afterwards and I remember Oprah bought one. More cow pictures from 1999 at the link below.

In 2005, Washington D.C. had the "Party Animals" public art exhibit featuring Donkeys and Elephants.

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