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Friday, 05 January 2007



hey repeats are cool! Especially that one! Hope you get over your jetlegged soon. You know go see a reflexologist...they'll help ;) Yes I am one ! LOL Or just get a foot roller and roll the ENTIRE bottom of your will help! Trust me :)


Last year about this time, I went to a lunch at the home of a former Parisian who served King Cake. I did not get the trinket, c'est dommage, but I greedily scarfed down a very almond-y cake. I must make this myself some time!


Enjoyed your post-climax, i love it! the word that was used, that is...........there were 4 wisemen you know.....the fourth was asked to go back home because he was bringing a fruitcake along.Should have picked up one of these cakes along the way! You are SO correct about the butter!! I think I told you a while back how I make my runs over to France just for things like that:salts, butters, breads.........what's with the U.S. and our butters?Carry on and enjoy the Holiday!

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