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Wednesday, 07 February 2007



Oooooo...a French male police officer on blades...kinda sexy, no?

Dr. Biggles


I've never been a huge fan of things that are attached to my feet other than shoes. If I'm going to be on wheels, I want to be able to jump off when I want to. Such as a skateboard, now that's travlin'. Skates? Not for this hillbilly.


MS. Glaze

I just bought new rollerblades for Paris! And yes, I used to do those Friday night skates in SF too way, way back when. Ummmm, those cops have some seriously hot tushies. (arrest me arrest me please!)


Ooh la la! French gendarmes on blades are sooo sexy & 2 to boot. I like your shot. You got the pic at the right angle. I agree with Ms Glaze that they've got such hot tushies.

I remember when I was in Paris a few years back and they were having a regular rollerblading event on a Friday it called Roller Paris or something like that. The gendarmes on blades were soooo hot, I wanted to learn how to blade immediately.


Logical. Since the traffic is impossible, that wold be the only option. One just hopes they can get them off quickly enough to catch the bad guys.

Thanks for a really good blog.

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