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Friday, 04 January 2008


Cassoulet Cafe

This happened to us in a train station in France. Blew up the bag!!!! Probably some poor saps socks and underwear....

Carole Schiffer

I can relate.. I had a similiar travel nightmare this past holiday and have seen bags blown up at LAX, Heathrow ( a few times), and JFK.


just wanted to let you know that i am still keeping up with you and that i still want a cooking lesson! one of these days i will return to paris. in the meantime my best friend is in madrid and may come up to the city of romance!


My friend...I think you need to just stay in Paris...or come to Canada and visit ;) lol Oh man big hugs to you for surviving that! How are you??? Drop me an email soon!



ouch what a travel nightmare!

(hello & happy new year! and i'm soooo glad to see you back - i should have checked way before this but was caught up with work...)

paris CDG... ah i also recall an incident when we were evacuated from an area due to an abandoned bag, and the next there's smoke coming out of the bag - they've destroyed it - before everyone was allowed back in the area again...


Oh my gosh..........what a story! I guess we need to go by air when we have time to spare......yeah,right.Who has that! Glad you made it back safely!


by the way, Happy New Year!

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