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Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Cassoulet Cafe

Merci beaucoup for the info on the book! I am going to get this! By the way, thank you so much for visiting my blog and for emailing me. I'm so sorry I took so long responding. Hoping to catch up soon....
Cassoulet Cafe
PS. To answer your question, we are back in the USA (PacNW area) but are going to Toulouse, France for a month in March.


right, so another book to go onto my shopping list... if i ever find the time to do anything anymore nowadays, that is...

hope you are well :D


This book looks fascinating. I'm adding to my wishlist, for when I can take time to make food more complicated than chili instead of spending all my time writing.

Although, I finally learned how to roast a chicken. :)


Meliss - that’s no small feat cherie. In the book it says: “It is said that a great chef is measured by the ability to roast a perfect chicken — a seemingly easy task that is just the opposite....” :) just made chili today for superbowl - i could eat it every day in the winter! bon appetit! :) L


hey lil! forget the rest, this is the only one you'll ever need! :)

bonjour cassoulet! great to hear from you. have a great trip and say "bonjour" to france for me! bon voyage!


lol! Oh man, and I am about to begin culinary school. Such timing to read your post:). I will have to look into the book!

Jann Mumford

I will try to find this book and save 40,000$ Thanks for the referral~


I went through the program at the FCI, too. I have to say, my reaction to this book was a little less charitable than yours. It felt like I'd apprenticed myself to a magician who'd gone on to publish a book on how to saw women in half.

Jann Mumford

I am still looking for this book~

Niall Harbison

Hi there

I just found your blog and must say it is a good read with excellent design. The pics are what make it so good, always love seeing good food pics! I started as a blogger myself and have just started which is a place for us foodies to swap photos, recipes and cooking videos. I just found that when I was blogging that not enough people were seeing my posts and i wanted to make a place where everybody could find all our great content easily! Check it out and let me know what you think! Make sure to keep up the good work here, have just bookmarked you! Cheers!

Johnna Knows Good Food

Good techniques make things so much easier in cooking..


I must have this book - must must must must. I pray that it is available here in Cape Town.

You have a really good blog so thanks so much for it. Been reading it for so long but this article on this book niggled me. Apart from Food & wine, books are my other weakness (I have three weaknesses only ..... errrr four). My children & granddaughter, Food & Wine, Books and art. I need nothing else in my life - those things I need.


I adore your posts, I love this book review ..... frankly I think I just love this site. Thanks for it - it helps so much having something that I can just read and read and read .....

Keep it up .... so from Cape Town, South Africa - all the best wishes


Your blog is not "humble" in the manner you intend! It is a celebration of food and I would give a lot to have a meal that you cooked!

Thanks for this book - unfortunately to find it here in Cape Town will be a mammoth task, made all the more difficult by my current situation, but I will move heaven and earth to try and get it since I have come to value your opinion on these matters.

Thanks again.

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