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Sunday, 07 September 2008



Just my kind of soup!

As usual, your blog is a stunning read. Thanks so much.


Wanted to say that I love the soup, love your blog and had an amazing read today. AGAIN!!

You are sooo talented.


Yay, you're back!

cucina testa rossa

thanks Steph! :) funny how it takes a heat wave to get me back in the kitchen....

and THANK YOU justfoodnow! the feeling is definitely mutual!

bon appetit mes amies dans cette vie culinaire folle :)


hi laura, you're back! and oooo gazpacho - i was just asking a friend two days ago for his recipe... now i have two to test out! :D


I love that kind of soup! Delicious!



Amy McHugh

I know what we're having for dinner tonight-yum!

BTW, it's rarely too hot here in Daly City, so you are welcome to come cook with me ANYTIME!


cucina testa rossa

Thanks Rosa!

Amy - any time, just say the word, would love to cook with you and Al!

Lil - you crack me up! Let me know how it turns out and which one you like best ;)


Great blog. You should check out the website for tips and tricks on all things culinary.


That sounds AWESOME!!!! how are you my friend???


Even though I'm reading this when it's already below freezing here and my basil plants have all died (woe!), that still looks phenomenal. :9

I am curious, though...what kind of balsamic did you use? :) You said "really good," but...? I'll understand if you want to keep it a secret, of course.

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