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Sunday, 21 March 2010



WOW! good job.


Oh wow, that's a really cool trick. Hmmm where can I steal some silk tie...


Fabulous! to make them last longer- do you think you could drain the egg and then put them through the treatment?

laura @ cucina testa rossa

* thanks sam!
* lil, any 2nd hand stores near you?
* megan, we talked about it but thought that they'd probably be too fragile. worth a try though :)


Exquisite - I passed this on to my daughter in Germany - it's right up her street.

Jonell Galloway

These photos are exquisite!

Lisa Boisvert

these look gorgeous, I posted a link to you on my blog. I'm going to try them.

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lovely eggs


Do you need to blow the eggs before you do this? They look amazing thanks for sharing.


This is fabulous! Thanks so much!

Jared Ullrich

I lived in Poland for a couple years and they have beautifully decorated eggs. Yours remind me of those Polish eggs. (This is a great compliment!)


Amazing! What a fantastic idea!


Way too cool and great fun re-use for old ties!
Any even better to read a new post!by you!

laura @ cucina testa rossa

*thanks so much everyone! so glad y'all enjoyed them. i hope you have a chance to make them, if not this year, than maybe next. if you get started now you willhave a lot of time to collect old ties and scarves.
*ellen, we didn't as we thought the eggs might be too fragile but worth trying so you don't have to throw them out.
*and thanks kevin! :)


So nice design, i like the texture on eggs

Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

Laura here is a photo. These are not oiled. Maybe I'll oil them and try a new photo! We didn't let them cool completely. I wonder if the patterns would be more clear if we had?


Amazing technique!

Thanks for the share, I'm going to do that next easter =)

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Great printing on eggs

craigslist search

I agree ! this is most beautiful easter eggs

Cheap Handbags

Wow! I have never see so many beautiful easter eggs!


Wow, How beautiful these eggs are. I am going to start rummage sale hunting now. I don't think I have ever seen a simpler way to acheive a better effect. Great job and thanks.

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Not exactly the time for easter eggs, but this is absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much!


Wow! Very nice to look at. What a fashionable silk it is. I liked it very much.


I lived in Poland for a couple years and they have beautifully decorated eggs. Yours remind me of those Polish eggs. (This is a great compliment!)


After cooking for so long are they edible still?

laura - cucina testa rossa

andrea, they are not edible as the ink from the silk can be poisonous. sorry!


A reader led me to your egg-dyeing, and your pattern transferrals are so crisp and bright! Hmm I think the vinegar helps set the dye...i'll have to try that next time. This project is so fun. I never get tired of seeing everyone's eggs :)

laura @ cucina testa rossa

andrea, unfortunately they aren't as the dye from the silk can be poisonous. but then again these are truly "too pretty to eat" :)

aj hkd

that is an awsome idea i will do this with my aunt
signed a reader who loves idea


Do you boil them before you wrap them?


Can u use this technique on other surfaces?

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