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Sunday, 03 April 2011



Beautiful eggs. Reminds me of the ones my grandmother from Poland use to make. But they used way to prevent the dye from tying the egg with certain colors. I read the instructions on how you did them last year. Incredible! I would have never thought of using old ties that way. My wife loves to shop at the second hand store and I have a bunch of old ties so we'll have all we need. We never had time for the old world wax method even though the eggs produced were beautiful. Now we can make some beautiful eggs quickly. Thanks

All the best,


Exquisite! Are those chicken eggs?

Sara @ Our Best Bites

Those are really some of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen- the patterns are so vibrant!


Love the soccer players. When I did these last year, I didn't get such good overall coverage. Any new tips?


-jacoba, thanks, they are, small white cheap eggs from the grocery store.
-sara, thanks so much! and thanks to you we now have this wonderful easter tradition that we so look forward to every year.
-julie, thanks they were my favorite. i tried to fold the silk down when i tied it so there weren't any white gaps and i put the image or pattern I wanted most on the widest flat bottom of the egg. this time we used small eggs, last year we used large eggs so maybe that helped?


These are amazing! Thanks for including the step by step! i'm trying this tomorrow.


These are beautiful. Love the foulard, especially, and the blues and purples.


How lovely and original! What do you do with the tie scraps when you are done? Can you reuse them or are they spent?

laura @ cucina testa rossa

-becky, how did they turn out?
-elizabeth, thanks!
-kass, the first two years we threw them out but this was the first year we saved them. we'll see if we can reuse them next year... stay tuned :)

Christa Price

Do you make some holes at each end, and 'blow' out the contents of the eggs first (so you could save them), or do you just peel and eat them (destroying the pattern forever)???


OMG! Delicious looking! Thanks a lot for sharing.

Tv Spel

Wow, never ever thought about doing it this way. With fabric and everything (right?). I'll actually try and make some even though it isnt easter anymore! Haha.

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