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Thursday, 08 August 2013



You go girl. I got your back! I'll come walk with you! We can huff and puff together! xo


Congrats my brave beautiful friend. You are so amazing and beautiful & I am so happy you are owning it!!
You are an inspiration and 365 days from now, you will be the picture of health and wealth....inside and out!
xo, Cat


thanks mary, i'm going to take you up on it! :)


cat! thanks so much! i'll meet you at rancho in a year and we'll hike UP the mountain! xo

Margaret miller

Good for you! Who knows... You may develop some fabulous new recipes and publish them with these awesome blog entries! I'm right there with you!

Christine Hanni

Congratulations to you Laura! It takes MAJOR GUTS to put it out there...and there are a lot of us who will pitch in (and undoubtedly benefit for having done so). What a way to get to know you better. I would love to crawl up Mt Bernal with you; tell me when! Seriously.


Love all the personality and details in your post. While those fries sound tempting, the ice cream is exerting a siren call. You are going to make it to great health by this time next year. So great you will want to race me up the mountain. And I will stare at you like a wacko and decline to race. Pace maybe, race no way. Fun to read! You will do it!

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